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Updated On Oct 2022

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Best 360 Camera Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Canada

From design to specifications, lens quality to the range, and varied capacity to bulging internal storage, Cameras have really come a long way since their inception, especially 360 cameras that have been in wide use in the past few years more specifically by the maverick adventurers who made YouTube 360 cameras as a fad.

What Is A 360 Camera?

This camera usually comes loaded with dual wide-angle lenses placed simultaneously, with each having a 180-degree field of view. They are stitched in the camera in a way that enables you to capture fully spherical images and videos.

The market is undoubtedly stacked with unlimited options; therefore, the right recommendation is what makes picking the most suitable or professional 360 camera hassle-free. The following 360 camera buying guide has been formed to enable you to find the right product with the utmost ease.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A 360 Camera

Shopping for the perfect 360 camera can be tricky. Check out our top tips to make a wise buying decision:


While shopping for such types of cameras, you will generally stumble upon two kinds of stuff. One- the tiny, pocketable stick-style cameras, and Second-larger squarish (or circular) ones.


Undoubtedly, the usage of a camera largely defines the choice users generally make, and this proves to be a massive reason behind the constantly rising sales of cameras of varied styles and designs.

Adventure - It’s of high importance that you must make sure that for what exactly is your purpose before making any choice. If you are an adventurous kinda folk, the small-sized Nikon 360 camera is the more recommended device for you to give your excursions a notch. You can mount it on your helmet or on a vehicle and capture the most exciting moments on the go.

Security - The best 4k 360 camera is often used to ensure the indoor and outdoor safety of your property. These cameras not only offer extensive security by capturing every single detail but also come loaded with many exclusive features that you hardly get in ordinary cameras.


As far as this segment is concerned, the small pocketable stick-style cameras mentioned earlier are comparatively less expensive and meant for more casual and impromptu videography. The price ranges from CDN$40 to $700

On the contrary, the larger squarish ones like the professional 360 camera come with a little hefty price tag as their extensive use adorns with the tag of ‘premium’. These cameras cost $150 to $499.


This factor largely depends on product to product, yet you get 1 to 2 years of warranty, and if you are willing to pay a little more, you can easily get the extended warranty, which further ensures more safety to your buy.


In a nutshell, it is essential to ensure that for what purpose you are exactly buying this type of camera before you click on ‘buy’. If fun and casual shooting are what you are looking for in a camera, then stick-style cameras will suit your requirements well. However, if you want to capture the beauty of the landscapes, hair-raising falls when you or your friends jump off the cliff, or the soft fabric of ice during skiing, a larger camera should be your pick in that case. The list of 360 camera mentioned below has been curated to ease of your jobs of selecting the best product our of the heap.