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Best Gaming Consoles Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Canada

Gaming is taking new platforms to showcase different types of games. Consoles are the latest on this platform, and the demand for these gaming consoles is off the charts. They are easy to operate and install. In the case of a desktop, the installation and cost of each component are going to be very high. With a console, all one has to do is to plug it into TV and start playing. Every console is unique and comes with a different set of library files. Finding the perfect one for your TV mainly depends on the games one wants to play and whether he or she wants a portable version of the console. Three companies are ruling the entire gaming console industry. They are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. These brands have some of the best products lined up for the latter part of the year. If one can’t wait to play, it is best to check out some powerful consoles in each of the three brands.

Reigning Consoles In Sony, Microsoft, And Nintendo

Sony - PlayStation 4 Pro

If owning a 4K screen at home, then PS4 Pro is the best console to get the best experience. PS4 Pro takes full advantage of these pixel-packed screens and provides more frames per second on 1080p games. The graphics are even better than PS4, and in terms of performance, it is almost the same as the PS4. Little changes are visible on this new console like this console is more prominent than PS4 in every direction by a couple of centimeters. The matte and glossy finish gives it an aesthetic appeal. The only difference from PS4 is the gameplay quality. All the other specifications are the same as HDMI and camera ports. With the Pro, one can easily access the hard drive and replace the 1000GB drive. Now, one can also install SSD, which helps boot faster, and loading time is decreased. The games for the PS4 Pro have been optimized to complete gameplay changes from PS4 to this Pro console.

Microsoft - Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is one of the most powerful consoles ever made to date. The gameplay quality will do justice to your telly, and the gaming experience is just different from PS4 consoles. When it comes to notebook details, it is the best console. The best thing about Xbox is that it doesn’t matter if one has 4K TV or not. The engineering aspect from Microsoft is top-notch with this sleek design of Xbox One X. It is the best budget gaming console in the current market. The console has some pretty good game libraries, and it is still unable to match those of PlayStation. Xbox gives many options to players to choose from the performance modes. This way, one can prioritize 4K resolution over other visual improvements. The graphical performance is the same as PS4 Pro, and in some cases, it outperforms PlayStation.

Nintendo - Switch

Here comes the revolutionary console that completely changed console gaming. There are so many things that are unique about the Switch console. It can be played at home and also outdoors. Nintendo has achieved to bring in third-party games into Switch, and that is what everyone loves about Switch. Games like Fortnite, Wolfenstein, and Souls Remastered are included in the Switch library. It is the only portable console that ever existed at this level. The price tag might be shocking because of all the hardware put into a small hand-held device.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Console

Type Of Games - Depending on the games, one likes to play the consoles. For example, if one wants high-quality AAA games that are there in the market, then PS4 or Xbox would be ideal options. For people who love casual on the go gaming style, then Nintendo Switch would be a better option. If it is a franchise that you cannot live without like Final Fantasy or NBA 2K, then buy a console that launches those games for the better gaming experience.

Performance - There is no significant difference from each console. All perform great with all kinds of games. If one wants high-level gameplay, then try getting higher frame rates like around 60. Xbox and PS4 have great graphics, and the gameplay is smooth.

Availability Of Previous Games - This is an essential factor for many gamers. Everyone wants to play as many games as possible. So, select a console that has backward compatibility. All games from Xbox One can be played on Xbox One X.

Online Services - All games should be online supported. This way, people can enjoy playing with other gamers all around the world. There should be enough cloud storage provided to save download files. The servers should be stable and properly maintained.

Controller - Every console provides one controller or joystick with its bundle. Try getting an additional so that when your friends come over to your house, everyone can play together. Make sure it is comfortable in your hands and play a few minutes of gameplay at the store.

Budget - All consoles are not expensive and can be bought at affordable rates. The most affordable gaming console is Xbox. The most expensive gaming console is the Nintendo Switch. In between both comes the PlayStation. When buying the console, try to get your favorite games in the bundle. This way, you spend less on those new games. The prices range from 430 CAD for Xbox, and it can go up to 580 CAD for Nintendo Switch. The Sony PlayStation costs anywhere between 450 CAD -500 CAD with varying hard disk storage.

Warranty - A backup for any device is necessary because what might happen to it is unpredictable. All three companies are giving at least one year warranty on their products. It can be extended to two years for some premium version consoles. If any extra accessories are bought, then they have a guarantee of less than a year. Check the package correctly, and if any damages exist, then replace it immediately.


That is all the data needed to make a wise decision on which console to buy and which is best suited for your requirement. Bring your games to life on your television with a brand new gaming console. It can be a PS4 or an Xbox. Make sure to check once again regarding the factors mentioned above. If still struggling to find the perfect console, follow our list of top ten gaming consoles.