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Breakfasts are excellent with bread and eggs, but with waffles, it is the best meal ever. Everyone deserves a little treat in the morning and no better way than to serve it with a waffle. Buffets are meaningless without a waffle station. They are that tasty and straightforward. Waffles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and it all depends on the waffle maker one has in their kitchen. The best part is it can be served as a dessert with a couple of scoops of your favorite ice-cream. There are so many waffles one can have as breakfast or dessert. For example, Belgian waffles are served for both breakfast and dessert. Some other types of waffles are American, Brussels, and Liege. So, to make any waffle, one must buy a proper waffle maker. To obtain a waffle maker that meets all your hunger needs, you have to consider a few factors that help in purchasing the best waffle maker for your kitchen.

Types Of Waffle Makers

Flipping Waffle Irons

This type of waffle maker makes sure not to waste too much batter. This is like an upgrade to non-flip waffles. For people who enjoy large waffles with syrup and ice-cream, this maker is for you. The browning process can easily be controlled, and every use gives the same result. Many refer to this as a commercial waffle maker as it can pump out tens of waffles in a single-use. The flip mechanism ensures the safety of burns, and afterward cleaning is very easy.

Mini Waffle Maker

Mini waffles are a dream come true for passionate food enthusiasts. These lightweight appliances are easy to carry and can be stored anywhere you like. For people who like to travel and want to have a waffle on the go, here is your answer mini waffle maker. Chocolate and blueberry waffles taste great when made with a mini maker.

Four Slice Waffle Maker

Waffles taste better when they are square shapes. Well, that might not be the real case, but the four-slice waffle maker cooks the best square waffles that are great in color and are slightly crunchy.  The display panel comes with various settings that allow the user to control the crispiness of the waffle. One thing to remember before buying is that this waffle maker takes up more space in your kitchen and is relatively heavy.

Vertical Waffle Irons

For all those people looking to add a waffle maker but don't have enough space, here is the best option: vertical waffle iron. It is the best ready to go maker that fits perfectly on any kitchen counter. No more mess will be allowed in your kitchen with this type of waffle maker. Measuring scoops are provided to measure the right amount of batter.

Character Waffle Makers

Kids love having waffles that are shaped in their favorite character. For example, some are heart-shaped waffles, and some are characters like Mickey Mouse, etc. Kids never leave out such fun meals. The characters are endless in the marketplace. It covers fans from Star Wars and Star Trek as well.

Ceramic Waffle Irons

Many prefer non-stick surfaces when making waffles. This works better than any stainless steel waffle. One can also save some calories because there is no need for using butter or any oil. So, have all the waffles you want while still staying under the required calories. The cleaning action is so simple that one wipe is more than enough to clean the entire maker.

Things To Know Before Buying A Waffle Maker

Size - As said earlier, waffles can be made of any size with different makers. So, choosing an ideal size for your waffles is essential. There are two things that one has to figure out. First, estimate for how many people you are likely to make waffles. Second, decide on the size of the waffle. Smaller waffles are compact and can easily fit anywhere. Large waffles can cook big treats but take too much counter space.

Temperature / Browning Control - Over the years, waffles have developed in taste and crispiness. It is all possible because of perfecting the art of browning. Controlling the temperature must be comfortable when making waffles. Look for a waffle maker that can make both soft and crunchy waffle treats. Browning control meets everyone's style of having waffles as they can change the texture from one waffle to another.

Safety & Timers - A timer is a handy feature, as it prevents any undercooking or overcooking of your waffles. Some waffle makers come with digital panels that show how much more time is remaining. It automatically shuts down after time is elapsed. When it comes to safety, the waffle makers can be tricky to handle. Kids can burn their fingers and get hurt when proper precautions are not taken. Try to buy a waffle maker that has adequate insulation on the handle part and wherever necessary.

Price - Making these delicious treats at home is more fun than just buying at a local store. Many waffle makers are now multifunctional like they are coming in 2 in 1 and 3 in variations. Brands like Cuisinart and Black Decker are having all such products lined up in their catalog. The prices range anywhere between 50CAD to 300CAD. The customized character waffle makers might be a little expensive. Just stick to what you need, and you will find the best possible maker for your kitchen.

Warranty - A waffle maker without proper warranty means that you just made a bad bet, and you may lose after a couple of months. So, better not make this silly mistake and ask the customer service for a reasonable warranty. Many brands are giving at least one year of limited warranty. If looking to buy some attachments as well, then look for a minimum of a six months warranty period.


That is all one needs to know before buying a waffle maker. Keep in mind all the essential factors like different types, cost, size, and few extra features. Try getting as many additional features as possible within your budget range. It would be even better when one tries different waffles from different waffle makers. This way, one understands which one tastes better. One last thing is never to neglect safety precautions when buying a top-rated waffle maker. To look at some fantastic products, follow our list of top ten waffle makers.