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Best Air Fryer Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Canada

Nowadays, everyone on Earth is looking for new ways to make healthy food at a lesser time than traditional cooking. When talking about eating healthy, everyone would stay from their favorite fried foods like chips, patties, and fries. The conventional method for making these is by deep-frying. It is an entirely unhealthy way of eating fried foods. Thanks to air fryers for existing and bringing healthy food items to every household in the country. They have become a must-have appliance in any kitchen. Many health-conscious people or enthusiasts try to stay away from excessive use of unhealthy oils. That is precisely what air fryers are trying to achieve. Air fryers use less than a tablespoon of oil to fry and cook any recipe one desires. Every item in the air fryers is prepared by using heat circulation with the help of mechanical fans. So, the temperature can go up to even 300-degree celsius. Having said all that, not every fryer may meet one's requirement. So, it is suggested to do a little background check before getting into the marketplace. In this guide, we'll be paving a simple path for buyers to understand the different types of obtainable and the features that come with it.


Paddle Air Fryers

These fryers stand out the rest because of their multi-functional applications. Paddle fryers can be used for frying, grilling, and even roasting. One can also cook curries and some liquid type dishes. The oil usage is kept at a bare minimum, and it is in the same range as any regular fryer. It makes it easier to monitor whether it is undercooked or overcooked. The paddle makes sure that the food is evenly cooked. If one wants to replace their toaster ovens, then the paddle fryers will live up to its mark and never disappoint one's appetite.

Basket Fryers

Basket fryers are most commonly used for making different types of fries. It can be with any material and any size. The coating on these food items is golden brown and is much gentler during the preparation process. To cook the entire basket, one would need only one teaspoon of oil. Basket fryers have robust build quality, and because of it, it has a lengthy lifespan. However, basket fryers can't meet up with liquid food items like curries. So, if a curry lover, then these may not be the right fit.

Manual Fryer

These fryers come with a manual mode of operation that takes a little more time than other fryers. The best point about the manual mode is that the user is in control of the browning process. If one wants their fries crispier, then they can increase the browning control. One can change the modes and temperatures with a knob that is present right above the frying compartment.

Digital Air Fryers

These are also known as modern-day fryers. With advanced digital panels, one can estimate the time and continuously monitor the entire process. One can set separate timers for individual dishes, so each time, there won't be any need to redial the temperature and time limit. However, the one downside for such fryers is the space they take on the kitchen counter. If one is willing to sacrifice their space or replace their existing fryer, it is no problem.


Size & Capacity

The size and capacity of the fryer are important pointers to look at when buying. The size can easily be estimated based on one's free space available on their kitchen counter. So, get a perfect fit for the countertop. That is it for the size. Coming to capacity, any ordinary fryer can easily accommodate two and a half pounds of food. If that meets one's family needs, then go for it with a moderate size. It all depends on the food selection, which is entirely up to the end-user.

Power Consumption & Wattage

Any fryer in the market would need at least 800 watts to 1000 watts from their kitchen outlet. If the power is increased, the temperature increases, which eventually brings down the cooking time and electricity costs. The consumption is maxed to one unit, even if it's a 1500 watts fryer. So, look for better power ratings to have less power consumption. All this adds to low maintenance costs. Never forget and make a note of it.

Controls & Features

Features and controls of the fryer should always aim at overall flexibility in the user's point of view. Features for controlling the browning process would help a lot for many people. One can have soft fries, and at the same time, they can even have crispy fries. A knob for dialing up and down the temperature is also a great addition to increase the flexibility. In high-end or top-rated models, there can even be different modes of cooking. Make sure to get the most for your budget.


Safety can be a concern for parents with young kids. So, look for well-insulated protective layers on the fryer's exterior. Another safety feature is automatic shut off. It can cut down the power to prevent any damages or over-cooking of food.


The health benefits that these appliances offer do come with a hefty price tag. But it is so much better at making healthy foods at home than buying them at a mall or something. Many great brands have top of the line products like Ninja fryers, T-Fal XL fryers, Instant Vortex, and Dash Fryers. For people looking for compact fryers, then head over to Dash compact fryers for the best deals. The prices on these generally range anywhere between 70 CDN Dollars to 250 CDN Dollars.


All these amazing products go to waste when they are not backed with a solid warranty deal. Look for at least one-year limited warranty on any fryer you buy. The warranty covers replacements, repairs, and all the other technical support. If buying extra compartments or handles, then look for them in the same brand for high compatibility.


That is all the information on how to buy the best air fryer for their kitchen. Being healthy is not easy, but not trying for it would be the worst. So, choose the right type of fryer that ticks all the boxes. Factors mentioned above are essential for this purchase, so don't overlook any. To look at the latest models, one can approach our list of the top ten air fryers.