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Best Wireless Earbuds Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Canada

Whether you are a working professional, businessman, housewife, or a student, life fetches each of us stress, and that is inevitable irrespective of our profession. However, humans are lucky that they can find solace as they enter the world of music, which can not only distress our body but our soul as well and rejuvenates our mind so that it can work even more efficiently.

However, to relish every beat of the melodies, a high-quality, comfortable, and well-designed set of earbuds is a must, but the problem occurs when you have no idea what exactly you have to consider before making your choice and hit ‘buy’.

Know Your Requirements

When buying a wireless Earbuds, you must be aware of the various types, designs, usage, etc. Each one fulfills certain requirements, and to know your best match, the read about top wireless earbuds has been curated based on general users’ wide and varied needs.

Types of Wireless Earbuds

Generally, when earbuds are bifurcated, some analyzers even include headphones and earphones by tagging them with different names like on-ear earbuds, in-ear earbuds, etc. It’s a fact that the tiniest earphones generally referred to as buds or earbuds. Therefore in our opinion, an earbud is one that enters the ear or at least touches the canal hole.

Considering the aforementioned criteria, wireless earbuds fall in only three categories:

  1. In-ear earbuds
  2. Bone Conduction
  3. Classic Earbud

1. In-Ear Earbuds

Aka known as earbuds or in-ear monitors, this set of wireless earbuds is considered the best in the league simply because of their highly compatible design, which allows one part of it (tube) enter your ear canal to take the source of music as near as possible to your eardrums and lets you enjoy the beats.

Advantages of In-Ear Earbuds

  • Passive noise isolation allows no outside noise and gives sublime audio quality
  • No wiring hassles
  • Highly portable

2. Bone Conduction

This one is relatively the latest entrant in league with very constraint use, but despite that, these are touching new heights of popularity with each passing day. What keeps them apart is the Bone Conduction technology, which uses your bones and through vibrations sends music to your eardrums.

Advantages of Bone Conduction

  • Their outstanding fit makes them suitable for all sports
  • Fully water-resistant
  • Well-supported by the wired neck supporter

3. Classic Earbud

Considered the oldest form of earbuds, these ones were introduced in the late 90s with Walkmans and iPods. Interestingly, they are still popular and loved by a large number of music lovers. They do not enter your canal hole, but rest at the entrance and deliver good beats.

Advantages of Classic Earbuds

  • Highly Portable
  • Cheaper as they have a very low manufacturing cost
  • Many people find them more comfortable than in-ear buds
  • Factors To Consider When Buying A Wireless Earbuds

The thought of buying the best value wireless earbuds brings a lot of nagging; therefore, the significance of an apt set comes into the picture that further guides to get the most desired product.

Sound Quality

One of the foremost aspects every user should bring into consideration before hitting ‘purchase’ is that the sound your wireless earbuds generates should be detailed and refined. Your ears should get each beat profusely so that you relish the music, and it rejuvenates your soul.

Fit and Design

The right fit of a wireless earbud set largely depends on its design and earbuds with ergonomic design enables your ear to hold them firmly so that they do not come out even if you run, exercise, or do any physical activity. No wiring is the USP of these, thus making them trouble-free to use. Moreover, this design turns the buds so comfortable so that you can have them in for hours and enjoy music without any hassle. In addition, such design boosts their look quotient as well. Thus they attract the eyeballs in just one glance.

Waterproof or Not

As young blood, you often like to be a part of varied sports or adventures, or exercise is an integral apart of your routine; therefore, sweating eventually becomes inevitable. Considering these factors, you look for the best wireless earbuds for the gym because the constant flow or excessive sweat can damage the ordinary set of earbuds. Therefore, waterproof wireless earbuds should always be your choice so that you can enjoy music during your work out or any other activity with no barricade.

Battery Life

A good pair of earbuds also consists of those that come with competitive battery life. You must check whether it runs for at least seven hours of playback or not. Moreover, the charging case should also provide an additional three charges and bring the total battery life at your disposal to 28 hours.


A lightweight set of wireless earbuds is always the first choice of listeners because they are ideal for office use and very convenient to carry. In addition, their lightweight turns them preferable for long hours of listening sessions.

Control Buttons

Control Buttons can be annoying sometimes. Therefore, their placement on the earbuds plays a crucial role.

Buds with Mic

Also, check on whether your wireless earbuds with mic or not? This is an extremely customary feature provided by every brand these days. However, you still have to ensure before buying.


These days, you find earbuds with Hi-Res support; for instance, sony wireless earbuds come such an astonishing feature, which enhances the audio quality to a great length.


Avoid going for the wireless over-the-ear headphones as they supply less response than other sets.


If you are on a budget, the best budget wireless earbuds cost as affordable as CDN$30, while if the price is not your worry, then you can grab a premium set with astonishing sound along with multiple handy features. The premium version of these earbuds price as hefty as CDN$200 or above.


You must check on the warranty of any product before making your mind to purchase it, and the same is the case with wireless earbuds. Usually, you get a 12-month warranty with service included with this set; however, if you want it to secure them a little more, you have to shell out some more bucks from your pocket.

The Verdict

In a nutshell, select a set of best true wireless earbuds that gives you the best value for money and is according to your aspirations. All the details mentioned above must have cleared your doubts; however, if you still find any difficulty, you may go through our list of top 10 wireless earbuds to find your match.