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Best Beard Trimmers Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Canada

Everyone faces issues when it comes to their facial hair. It is always hard to maintain and grow to perfection. That is what many say at the initial stage of their grooming lifestyle. Once they get their hands on the best beard trimmer, all the troubles go away. Let's face it, people, barbershops have become a pain and so expensive. A lot of time is wasted in the process of getting a good shaped and styled beard. Time is not easy to bargain for, so it is better to shift towards some of the best trimmers and buy one for yourself. Everyone always tries to look as good as possible, especially when it comes to their beard. To look good, one has to feel good and to feel good, and one has to have a good trimmer. Now, one might ask, how do you find the best one in the market? To select the best one, there are some features that one should consider like portability, ergonomics, and battery life. Before buying some random trimmer online, it is better to answer some questions that give a clear idea on which trimmer is best suited for your style.

How often do you trim your beard?

Frequency of usage is important because, for regular users they have to take a premium quality trimmer. For people who clean-shave every time they use their bear, you need not buy any extra attachments or accessories. For the people that like to style their beard every day,  it is better to get a complete beard grooming kit.

Beard trimmer or multi groomer?

If one wants a multi-functional trimmer that can take care of mustaches, manscaping and everything in between must opt for a multi groomer that comes with different attachments. Precision blades and ear trimmers are now available in one single all-in-one beard trimmer.

Corded or Cordless Trimmer?

The significant differences between both corded and cordless trimmers are that they vary in power and battery life. Corded trimmers are more powerful, and there is no stop to self-grooming as there is a continuous supply of energy. Cordless trimmers come with either a rechargeable battery or charging station. Choose whichever is convenient for you to use daily.

What is your beard range?

Your beard range determines how much length setting you will need. Precision is crucial when one wants to style their beard differently. Many models offer length settings from 0.5 mm to 10mm. This is the ideal range and can adjust to any beard range.

Shaving while showering?

Using a trimmer in the shower can save a lot of time. So, check for waterproof trimmers when thinking of properly managing your time and get rid of those extra hair waste. One more thing to remember when buying waterproof trimmers is not to buy steel blades as they rust quickly.

Are you thinking about buying a stubble trimmer?

For people who want to buy a stubble trimmer, remember that it requires a close shave. To get that close shave, one has to get a professional trimmer, which can be very expensive. With a budget-friendly trimmer, one gets many shave length options, but they are more efficient with only specific attachments.

Features And Things To Know Before Buying A Beard Trimmer

Integrated Vacuum Technology - While trimming your long beard, it can be irritating to see hair everywhere. With vacuum technology in your trimmer, it can give a goof trim without creating a mess. The powerful vacuum sucks all the hair as one trims it off the beard.

Blade Materials - Titanium and stainless steel are the two most popular blade materials in the market. So, when selecting any of them, try to look for a trimmer that has dual-edged blades. These blades enable one to fine-tune their beard more accurately.

Rotating Dial - For changing the length settings, it is ideal to have a rotating dial. To adjust the length, one has just to select the preferred value and can start their trimming session. The options range usually begins from 0.5mm and can go up to 20mm.

Detachable Head - When the head of the trimmer is removable, it is very easy to clean and rinse. One has to just take it out and run it through tap water. Before putting it back, better make sure to dry it properly.

Comfort - It should meet your grooming needs and must be comfortable to use. If you are a frequent traveler, then buy a cordless version. Lightweight trimmers are convenient, but their battery life is likely very low.

Attachments - For styling purposes, many accessories come with the beard for achieving different lengths and styles. Comb kits and clippers are handy that makes trimming easy. Some professionals use brushes for more precision.

Battery Life - Any trimmer gives a minimum of 15 minutes for trimming, and in some cases, it can last up to 30 minutes. One should also see how fast the trimmer is getting charged. A quick charge should at least give one proper trimming session.

Rounded Tips For Smooth Skin Contact - For people with sensitive skin, look for rounded tips. To prevent any skin irritation, these blades are the best option. Some trimmers also come with self-sharpening blades that trim the beard with high precision.

Price - All the above-mentioned features can be yours with a proper budget. Many brands are offering 3 in 1 and 5 in 1 type trimmers at affordable prices. As one saves money from going to the barber, it is better to spend some more bucks on a top-rated beard trimmer. Brands like Phillips and Wahl have a wide variety of trimmers that suit for both long and short beards. The prices range anywhere between 30CAD to 150CAD. Stick to your budget and try to add as many features as possible.

Warranty - Many things can go wrong when using a trimmer. So, a solid warranty period is a must before buying a beard trimmer. Most brands are giving a minimum of a one-year limited warranty. Some brands like Phillips are extending it to two years upon registering in their company.


Grooming is essential for anyone and everyone. So, why ignore it when it comes to your beards. Look over once again at all the essential factors that help in deciding the best beard trimmer. Don’t overspend on unnecessary attachments and stick to your requirement. To make the best decision for your grooming needs, follow our list of top ten beard trimmers.