10 Best Sofa Slipcovers of October 2022

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Best Sofa Slipcovers Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Canada

Having beautiful home decor is something that people are really fond of. Sofa slipcovers have been on the trend for quite some time for the very right reasons. The slipcovers are a necessity in every house right now. In case someone finally made up their mind to invest in a sofa bed slipcover and is looking for some basic knowledge regarding the benefits and the factors involved. This buying guide is the best option for them.

What are the benefits of a sofa slipcover?

Easy to clean

Cleaning a slipcover is the easiest thing. One needs to unzip the cover and toss it into the washing machine. Furthermore, it is appropriate if one likes to wash every cover on alternate days. It makes the entire process of cleaning much easier and gives a fresh look every time.

Easy to Swap

There are quite a few times when one really wants to change the decor a bit, but not really investing in buying expensive new furniture. Here, a slipcover can be easily replaced with just a zipper, and a new slipcover can make the home decor completely new and beautiful.

Looks Elegant

A floral sofa slipcover surely gives a pretty chic look to the entire interior of the house. Well, patterned sofa slipcovers can also give a formal vibe. Therefore, a unique designer slipcover can drastically change the entire feel of the place.

Pet protection

Having a furniture cover is a necessity for a pet owner. Unintentional noticeable scratches or dirty paw marks are quite common. Therefore, having a good sofa bed slipcover helps with keeping the furniture protected from such situations.


There are many such scenarios when we order some furniture that is custom made but does not look that great after it gets delivered. Therefore, here a good sofa slipcover comes quite handy. One can slide on a slipcover and easily change the furniture's entire look according to the occasion!


As mentioned above, buying new furniture every time is surely not the best thing for the environment. Rather, reusing the old sofa slipcovers helps change designs, maintains the style, and causes no harm to the environment.

Easy Installation

The installation process of a sofa bed slipcover is quite simple here. One can easily install the slipcover within ten minutes with the manual guide's help attached to the product. Quick and easy!

Available for every size of sofa

There are various types of sofa slipcovers available like slipcovers for a dual recliner, sectional sofa slipcovers, or oversized sofas! In case there is no appropriate size, one can opt for custom sofa slipcovers for the best results.

Factors one should consider before buying a sofa slipcover :

Quality Material

The material plays the most important role. Having a bad material sofa bed slipcover can ruin the entire experience. Cotton sofa slipcovers are one of the best options to choose from.


The sofa bed slipcover should withstand dirt, hair, odor, or scratches from pets' claws. Ideally, the material should be waterproof as well. These are a few basic points that depict the durability of the material.

Correct size

One can opt for custom sofa slipcovers to ensure the correct measurements in a large sofa slipcover. This is because readymade sofa bed slipcovers can sometimes have inappropriate measurements.


The design of the sofa bed slipcover is the ultimate eyecatcher. Patterned sofa slipcovers or floral sofa slipcovers are some great options to choose from if one wants fun and cute designs and patterns in their sofa bed slipcovers.


If one has an extra-large sofa, then choosing an extra-large sofa slipcover is the right option. But one needs to ensure the stretchability as well. The slipcover should be stretchable enough so that it fits the entire sofa perfectly.

Convenient Cleaning

Minor vacuuming or using a washing machine to clean the sofa bed slipcovers are the most readily convenient ways to clean them when they get dirty. There are other tedious washing techniques as well that are required for other materials.

Spill Protection

Various types of sofa slipcovers are exclusively made of such a material that helps prevent any permanent stains and stays spotless without any extra efforts. Therefore, look for a sofa bed slipcover with spill protection.


The slippery sofa bed slipcover fabric looks very cheap and tacky. Therefore, go for non-slippery quality fabric material that gives an overall sleek and polished look.


A good quality comfortable sofa bed slipcover does not cause a fortune. Numerous affordable options are amazing. The majority of the sofa bed slipcovers come under the price range of Can$20 to Can$100.


Sudden tears in the sofa slipcover or color fading are some common issues that happen quite frequently. Therefore, to help with that, companies like surfeit sofa covers provide a wide range of warranty duration. It usually starts from one year to three years. One can get their sofa bed slipcovers fixed easily without any extra charges.

Final Thoughts

By now, it is quite evident how a single sofa bed slipcover can be so beneficial. It can basically add love to the entire room! A sofa slipcover is a necessity in a modern house. It is surely a great investment if so many benefits are considered. Get the best one from the top ten sofa slipcovers mentioned above.