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Best Drones Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Canada

Are you one of those people asked by your teacher what you want to become in the future and said I want to become a pilot? If yes, then welcome to the club. Everyone is so excited and fascinated when they see planes, jets, and helicopters. Your dream of becoming the next pilot may have passed, but controlling your drone is still possible. The drones have changed the viewpoint of the world. It helps a cinematographer or a director in many ways. Thanks to DJI and many other brands for making this possible.

So, now that one has decided to buy a drone, the question immediately comes to mind which one to buy? A drone always comes with multiple features. It's these features that are considered when purchasing a drone. For example, if one wants to buy a drone to shoot a film, then he or she has to buy a drone that has good range and camera quality. So, first, they have to decide the type of drone and then add some exclusive features that make it easier to execute their task.

Four Different Types Of Drones

Mini Drones

As the name implies, the drone is tiny and lightweight. They are also called nano quadcopters. These are considered beginner drones because one can learn all the basics without spending too much money on the first drone itself. They come with propellers that can protect from any crash. The design has a very high aesthetic appeal. They can fit right into our pockets. Parrot and Holy Stone have got some awesome mini drones in their catalog.

Professional Drones

This is where the big boys come into the picture. Professional drones offer very high-level technology. They take aerial photography to the next level. With professional drones, flight sessions can be longer without any battery problems. They also come with a great camera that takes high definition videos and pictures. Some drones in this category come with obstacle avoidance technology and infrared cameras.

Personal \ Selfie Drones

Yes, they are drones for taking selfies too. It is pretty cool. Selfie drones are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere. Such cameras come with motion sensors that detect the user and automatically click pictures and videos. It can also follow the user along when running, walking, and any other movement. DJI has some of the best drones in the market under this section of selfie drones. Some are similar to mini drones and are always ready to fly out of the box.

Sports Drones

Many events involving drone races are being held in many places around the world. Any age group of people can operate such sports drones. When participating in a competitive race, it is better to build your own drone to clock more speed. Sometimes these drones also come with waterproof features so that you can take your sport to underwater. These drones need a little time to adjust and take more time to practice. If you are at a beginner level, it is recommended not to buy a sports drone but instead, start with a mini drone or a hobby drone.

Things To Know Before Buying A Drone

Built Materials - For beginners, it is recommended to buy a strong and powerful drone. The materials used for manufacturing determines the durability of the drone. If buying a cheap drone, make sure to switch to ABS plastic, which is a lot tougher than ordinary plastic. More prominent ones would be fiberglass and carbon fibers. These are more resilient but come with a big price tag.

Distance Limit - This determines how high or how far a drone can go without crashing. Mini drones or other cheap drones cover less distance, like in the range of 30 meters. By putting more money, one can cover more distance without losing contact with the transmitter. One more thing for people to remember is that they don't believe the range limit on the label of the drone but make it a point to practically test the drone outside.

Camera - Drones are bought mainly for taking a camera into the atmosphere and capturing some aerial shots. So, a camera in a drone is a big deal for many people. If one wants to take HD videos and images for their film, it is best to mount an external camera. The other factors to check when selecting the camera are shutter speed, frame rate, aperture, and image stabilization.

Live Video Feed - Live feature is a must when thinking of flying out of the viewing area. It allows people to understand the current orientation of the drone, and at what angle it must be to take amazing photos and videos. It is better to watch the live feed on your smartphone as it is more portable and easy to carry. Look for a drone that transmits smooth and crip live feed without any lag to your mobile or LCD screen.

Budget - The price tag on drones is not low in most cases. So, it is a necessity to manage your budget and fulfill your needs properly. Brands like X-craft and DJI are the top contenders for the best drones manufactured in the whole world. DJI has two series that are Mavic and Phantom, where one is a personal drone and later is a professional drone. The prices range from 400 CAD, and it can go up to 3000 CAD. Many drones even exist in the ranges of under 500 CAD and under 1000 CAD. So, stick with your budget and get the best possible drone.

Warranty - Crashes are bound to happen when flying a drone. A reliable backup warranty helps in recovering broken parts and other hardware damages. Most of them are giving a minimum of twelve months' warranty period on all their products. When buying, look for replaceable parts and pick up some spare parts in advance. Always take a test flight before purchasing a drone. Test flights are crucial and give a clear idea of how to control the drone.


It's okay. I know there is a lot to think about when buying a drone. So, don't rush things and take the time to analyze each part of the drone. One must consider all the factors above to end up with good quality and easy to operate a drone. Flying drones is fun, so why not turn into a hobby of taking some of the best aerial videos and pictures. If any more queries, follow our list of top ten drones.