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Best Gaming Laptop Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Canada

Gaming laptops are on the rise and are on most demand in every market. Everyone is leaning towards gaming laptops as they can enjoy their favorite games and use the same laptop for their work. A laptop is said to be gaming when it comes to a dedicated graphics card. The graphic card alone changes a standard laptop to a gaming laptop. The graphics that come with the processor are usually that great. So, the graphic card is the bright line that divides gaming laptops from any other laptop. A computer is hard to estimate and requires proper analysis of each component before buying. Two notable mentions that brought immense change to gaming laptops are Nvidia and its Pascal architecture GeForce graphic cards.

Nowadays, even slim and lightweight laptops are also able to run AAA games. This makes buying gaming laptops even harder. Many questions arise when deciding every component and its capacity. Some important terms for gaming laptops are frames per second, graphics, processor, and battery backup. These factors determine the smoothness of the game. There are gaming laptops in all ranges of budget. There are laptops under 500$ and also under 1000$. So, fix a proper budget and start picking the components that you want for your laptop. Before understanding the specification part of gaming laptops, let’s see what makes these laptops overrated.

What Makes Gaming Laptops Unique?

There is a significant difference between a typical laptop and a high-end gaming laptop. The first thing is always the graphics. Standard laptops do not support AAA titles and high-level software. Gaming laptops are brilliant in terms of design and provide a futuristic appeal. The designs are different from standard models because in a gaming laptop, the heat released is more and the heat is reduced by giving open space at the back of the laptop. The best part about the latest gaming laptops is that they are of the same dimensions and weight of an average laptop. It used to be the case before that gaming laptops are always bulky and heavy. Although the cost of gaming laptops is slightly higher than the normal ones, the performance cannot be matched. The price is higher because of high-quality components.

Gaming laptops come with SSD storage rather than HDD. It is best to increase the speed of the system. Portable gaming laptops are the ones to buy if one is a student or an employee who has to always move from one place to another. Gaming laptops are unique for their backlit keyboards and RGB coloring. The frame rates on gaming laptops are high and provide butter-smooth gameplay. Gaming laptops have almost all sizes and color variations available in the market. Everyday tasks, along with powerful gaming, can be done without any overheating.

So, now that you have understood how a gaming laptop is different from others let’s see the specifications that lead to making great gaming laptops.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Laptop

GPU Is A Major Differentiator - A dedicated graphics card changes the whole functionality of the laptop. Everyone wants to fire-up their steam account and play the latest series of advanced games. To make your laptop compatible with all games, it is recommended to have a high capacity graphic card. Nvidia’s GeForce graphic cards are the best in the market, and it is better to stick with them. If one wants to play all exclusive games, then RTX 2070 or GTX 1660 Ti are some great options. A graphic card alone is costly, so choose wisely.

Processor - It is the core of the gaming laptop, but it doesn’t need to be high-level. When buying a laptop for gaming, then the processor need not be the later i7 version. A maxed-out core of either Intel or AMD is not required. Intel i5 core and AMD Ryzen 5 are some excellent processors. Select a chip that is a great performer for value.

RAM Better To Go Eight - The minimum RAM of a gaming laptop must be 8GB. Any less than 8GB is useless for a gaming laptop. Most budget gaming laptops provide only this much amount of RAM. If money is not a problem, then try getting a 16GB RAM kit for your computer. Also, look for an extra RAM slot that enables us to upgrade in the future.

SSDs Rule - It is a known fact that SSDs perform way better than HDDs. But it is advised to have a combination of both SSD and HDD. For applications that need quick loading time, the SSDs take care, and for rest, the HDDs handle. Try having at least 256GB of SSD capacity and 1000GB storage for HDD.

Display & Resolution - Display is a huge deal for gamers. The screen size and resolution are the primary requirements when choosing the show. Laptops are ranging from 14 inches to 17 inches in display size. If one wants a portable gaming laptop, then a 14 inches display would be better. A 17 inches display panel with a high refresh rate provides complete gaming experience.

Price - Budget is a factor that rules all other aspects when buying a laptop. Many brands have great gaming laptops with high specifications at reasonable prices. The prices range from 600CAD and can go up to 2000 CAD. Brands like MSI and Asus are mainly for gaming purposes. Some other brands, like Lenovo and Dell, have some laptops that focus primarily on gaming.

Warranty - Anything can happen at any time to the laptop. So, having a backup warranty is a must. Most of the companies are giving at least one year limited warranty period. Look in different stores for a better deal. Other accessories like Keyboard and Mouse can be purchased separately and have around the same warranty period as the laptop.


That is all one needs to note down when buying a gaming laptop. It is time to have a laptop that offers all gaming specifications and also handles everyday tasks. Don’t overspend on unnecessary software and hardware. If money is not an issue, then look for a laptop that runs for years to come. To look at such gaming laptops, follow our list of top ten gaming laptops.