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Best Outdoor Security Camera System Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Canada

Security of a house and its residents is one of the major concerns for any being, and we do whatever it takes to ensure this. However, with the advent of technology, we can easily ward off this concern and a wi-fi outdoor security camera proves to be an excellent choice to safeguard your lives and property.

These cameras come with many features including sending notifications on mobiles or ring an alarm if they come across any suspicious movements. This is the reason people like to have the best home outdoor security camera as the most preferable tool for safety. Let us know some more details about this camera.

What Is An Outdoor Security Camera System?

The outdoor security camera system consists of the protection of the house and the residents they get from intruders, theft, robbery, and many other such stuff. A 1080p outdoor security camera comes with many features that help the people to look after their house also remotely. In addition, installing these cameras is hassle-free as well. There are many factors that people need to take care of while purchasing an outdoor security camera.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing A Security Camera

The following factors have been jumbled down to ensure that while buying the security camera.

HD Video Quality

People should buy HD wireless outdoor security cameras as the quality of the video is sharp, and people will be able to see everything that is going on in their house. The resolution of the video should be 1080p or above. The camera should also have the feature of connectivity with a digital video recorder to record the videos.

Night Vision

The most essential feature an outdoor camera should come with is the night vision. It is better if a camera has an infrared feature, which helps in sending the light of different wavelengths. The distance of the vision depends on the number of infrared rays that a camera features.

Tilt, Zoom, and Pan Function

The cameras should come with a remote control pan in order to control the camera remotely. The tilt and zoom functionalities will help the users to keep an eye on large areas. People can also change the angle without changing the position of the camera.

Mobile Control

The security camera should come with a feature of live stream so that videos can be stored directly to the mobile to which the camera is connected. The camera must be compatible with the mobile in order to take advantage of the live stream feature.

Cloud Storage

Another feature that people should look for is the storage capacity of a security camera. Some cameras also come with MicroSD slot, but that is insufficient as the video files are heavy. The camera must have the feature of cloud storage.


The cost of these cameras depends largely on quality, clarity, and brand. However, their price ranges from CDN$50 to CDN$400 or more.


There are many benefits to the outdoor camera, which are listed here:

  • Wireless cameras are easy to install
  • These cameras are easily portable
  • The cameras are good for small and large homes
  • Data transmission is easy


There are some disadvantages also which are as follows:

  • Wireless cameras can be easily hacked, so security features are needed
  • The camera can be expensive if it has a large number of features


An outdoor security camera system is a good option for the security of the home as people can keep an eye on their house from home as well as from remote areas. The camera must be compatible with the mobile so that the live stream feature can be easily used. If you are still unable to decide on any, check out our following list of outdoor security camera systems.